ACRN Conference on Social Entrepreneurship

Linz, AUT. August 26, 2011:

Keynote Speakers:

Othmar M. Lehner
Docent, Author and Research Fellow for Social Entrepreneurship
University of Jyväskylä, Finland & University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria

Pascal Dey
Docent, PhD. in Sociology, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland
Institute of Management, University of Applied Sciences, Windisch, Switzerland
Author and Researcher in the field of Social Entrepreneurship


The concept of a social enterprise broadly denotes a business model of non-governmental entities fulfilling social issues and needs by using market based approaches and income generation. While the terms Social Enterprise and Social Entrepreneur appear constructed in different cultural and civil society settings, and some institutional players even try to collect the concept for their political agenda, its practical importance has immensely grown throughout the last three decades. Scholars around the globe have become interested in the concept and provide fascinating case studies and promising conceptual approaches. Social enterprises are, amongst others, found to be (1) traditional non-profit organisations applying more market based and innovative approaches to become less dependent on governmental provisions or (2) the result of entrepreneurial processes starting up new ventures on social opportunities.

This conference focuses on the entrepreneurial context in both. How are entrepreneurial processes like opportunity recognition, innovation, improvisation or effectuation employed, how do they differ in application from traditional for-profit entrepreneurs?
What can be said about the entrepreneurial mind-set of social entrepreneurs? Can we find social intrapreneurs?

Fascinating papers and presentations on a variety of topics on Social Entrepreneurship await you. Register today and look forward to a inspiring conference with a great social side program and networking! PhD. students are especially invited to submit a research paper, in addition, there will be a free format two hours open PhD section which allows for posters and discussion of ongoing research in SE. Conference Fee : 80,- Euros including evening reception and lunch.