CFP: Gender and Ethics


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“Gender and Ethics”

Ethical issues pertaining to gender are a palpable undercurrent in our society that at times wells up to capture the attention of the public on a grand scale. The annual comparisons of gender income disparity, reports on the global trade in sexual slavery, policies on same-sex marriage and partner benefits are just a few of the many issues we confront daily. These are topics that engender high levels of emotion yet are rarely analyzed from the perspective of applied ethical theory. Dissecting the ethical components, examining the scope of the topics and their impact on individuals and society, and offering models for resolving the issues are essential steps in resolving the problems.

This refereed symposium proposes to consider these questions at length and from a variety of perspectives: policy, law, social sciences, global studies, and economics. Proposals for this symposium can take the form of
research articles, commentaries, field reports, cases, or book reviews.

Topics authors might consider include but are not limited to:
· The Ethics of Gender Disparities in Law, Politics, and Society
· Women, Ethics, Leadership, and Power in Organizations
· The Comparative Ethics of Disparate Gender Treatment Globally
· The Ethics of Gender-Based Economic Disparity
· The Ethical Implications Of Gender Portrayal In Communication and the Media
· The Ethics of Objectification: Advertising, Fine Arts, and the Internet
· The Female As Sex Symbol and the Sexualization of Pre-Teens
· Sexual Slavery: Law, Politics, and Societal Impact
· Same-Sex Partnership and Gender Identity Discrimination

The guest editors of this symposium are Carole L. Jurkiewicz, Louisiana State University (, Frances Burke, Integrity International (, and Karin M. Lasthuizen, VU University ( Please submit proposals for the symposium to by 30 July 2011. Proposals should include the working title and a brief abstract of the manuscript, along with full contact information and affiliation. Selected authors will be determined by mid-August with full papers due 15 January; revisions will be due 15 April 2012.