New book series at Johns Hopkins University Press

Edited by Manny Teodoro and David Konisky, here are the details:

Studies in American Public Policy and Management is a series of books that address contemporary American public policy and management issues with theoretically rich, empirically robust research. The series will publish manuscripts that take up specific policies, but also articulate broader, more generalizable theories that help bridge gaps across political science, public administration, public management, and public policy subfields. We seek manuscripts that are methodologically rigorous enough (regardless of approach) for use in doctoral-level courses at top universities, but present material in ways that are accessible to professional students and practitioners. Studies in American Public Policy and Management will generally center on the United States and on issues that are national in scope, but we are interested projects that deal with policy and management at the state and local levels, as well. Finally, the series will publish short monographs (roughly 50,000-60,000 words) that will be long enough to develop careful theoretical arguments with sound empirical evidence, yet brief enough to appeal to students and working professionals.

Full disclosure: I’m on the Advisory Board for this new series.

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