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Call for Panel Proposals
Turning Outward: The Evolving Context of
Public Service Education

NASPAA’s annual conference will be held in Washington, DC this year from October 10-12 at the L’Enfant Plaza Hotel; reserve your hotel stay today. The NASPAA team and the many member schools in the DC region are excited to welcome you to the nation’s capital. Conference Chair Dr. Michael Pagano, University of Illinois at Chicago, and the Conference Committee now invite panel proposals from the public education community that address this year’s theme: Turning Outward: The Evolving Context of Public Service Education. Higher education is facing many challenges to which public service education must respond to maintain relevant.

The conference will have three session tracks that further develop the Turning Outward theme. Successful panel proposals will be aligned to one of the tracks. Please pick a track to explore in your panel proposal:

Turning Outward: Building partnerships and engaging new markets (Track 1)
How is NASPAA turning outward to advance the future of members and grow based
on new partnerships and initiatives?
· How are member schools developing international relationships, strengthening the public affairs education brand, addressing additional calls for public accountability and responding to the opportunities and challenges of new markets? Internationally, what issues are being faced and how are they overcome? Panel proposals in this track should move beyond building awareness of activities and delve into active engagement.

Turning Outward: Understanding and capitalizing on pedagogical advancements (Track 2)
How is the field turning outward to implement new teaching models and methods?
· Public service education is evolving due to many factors including technological advancements, outcome based assessment, and a changing student body. To advance the sector and meet the needs of millennial and nontraditional students, tools such as Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs), online degree programs, or social networks need to be smartly implemented. Panel proposals in this track should highlight innovative educational approaches and identify programmatic impact.

Turning Outward: Responding to the blurred boundaries of a multidimensional world (Track 3)
How is the field turning outward to prepare graduates for an intersectoral and complex environment?
· Public service graduates are being asked to simultaneously bridge multiple sectors in their careers, and they must maintain professional relevance in each field to be effective leaders. As educators, how are we adapting our traditionally siloed educational structure to provide a best-practice model? Panel proposals in this track should discuss the dynamic nature of the public sector environment including financial complexity and fiscal sustainability, public-private partnerships, contracting, and the need for an even stronger argument for the interdisciplinary value of a public service degree in a crowded field of advanced degree programs.