Political constraint data updated

In the email from Witold Henisz:

You are receiving this email as you are one of over 7,500 unique users of the Political Constraint Database. I have just posted the 2013 release with data up to and including 2012 (as compared to the 2010 release which included data to 2007). To access the new release, please proceed to the following website http://mgmt5.wharton.upenn.edu/henisz/POLCON/ContactInfo.html NB: Contact information is collected only to send these periodic notices regarding newly available data.

Thank you for your interest in this data and please continue to forward to me any data anomalies or inconsistencies that you identify. Much of the expansion in coverage was made possible by users who identified sources for election results that I had previously been unable to find.

As always, the data is available without charge but I do request that all users cite the following publication:

Henisz, W. J. 2000. The Institutional Environment for Economic Growth. Economics and Politics, 12(1): 1-31.