Dear PMRA Members,

We are pleased to announce the 2014 Call for Proposals for the conference jointly sponsored by PMRA/IRSPM/KAPS:

When Policy Meets Administration: Eastern and Western Voices

Hosted by Seoul National University
Seoul, South Korea
June 29-July 1, 2014

Proposals should be submitted to as either a PDF or Word attachment
no later than December 20, 2013.

The Full Call for Proposals is below.

Call for Proposals

Public Management Research Conference:
When Policy Meets Administration: Eastern and Western Voices

Sponsored by PMRA / IRSPM / KAPS
Hosted by Seoul National University
Seoul, South Korea
June 29-July 1, 2014


We are excited to open the call for proposals for Public Management Research Conference: When Policy Meets Administration: Eastern and Western Voices. This is the third collaborative venture between the Public Management Research Association and the International Research Society for Public Management -the first being the research conference held at the University of Hong Kong in 2010, and the second held at Fudan University in Shanghai, China in 2012.

The conference will be hosted by the Graduate School of Public Administration (GSPA) at Seoul National University (SNU). SNU was founded in 1946 as the first national university in Korea. Now it has sixteen Colleges, one Graduate School, and six Professional Schools, with 5,730 full-time faculty members, 16,623 undergraduate students, and 11,355 graduate students. Founded in 1959, GSPA is the first professional school in Korea and is deeply rooted in traditional values. Its Master of Public Administration (MPA) and Master of Public Policy (MPP) programs have produced more than 4,000 alumni, most of whom have made successful careers in government agencies as well as universities. In addition, GSPA started the Master of Public Enterprise Policy (MPEP) program for mid-career managers from Korea’s leading public enterprises in March 2010 and the Global Master of Public Administration (GMPA) program for government officials from developing countries in September 2011. The strategic relationship among the MPA, MPP, MPEP and GMPA programs has generated significant synergy effects for the GSPA student body.

The Public Management Research Association (PMRA) is a nonprofit academic membership association that furthers research on public organizations and policy. PMRA grew out of a bi-annual series of public management research conferences that began in 1991, and has substantially grown its membership base over time. (To learn more about PMRA, visit In addition, PMRA now publishes the Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory (JPART), one of the premier journals in the fields of public administration and policy, and public management. Both PMRA and JPART emphasize the links between the
study of public institutions, their management, and the study of public policy. One of the goals of PMRA and JPART is to foster multidisciplinary research from a variety of fields on government and governance. The organization supports the development of empirical and normative inquiry, theory building and systematic testing of theory consistent with the canons of social science, using the full range of quantitative and qualitative methodologies.

The International Research Society for Public Management (IRSPM) grew out of a series of international annual conferences that commenced in 1994, and was launched as a formal Society in 2006. IRSPM’s mission is to develop and support research in public management and policy on an international basis by developing and supporting an international network of researchers in areas of public management and policy with a strong multi-disciplinary and comparative focus. It is probably the most global of all public management and public administration research associations with a large membership drawn from across the world. The journal Public Management Review (PMR), one of the foremost international journals in the field, is sponsored by IRSPM. It publishes the leading research and emergent theory on public management, public administration and public policy from across the world.

The Korean Association for Policy Studies (KAPS), established in 1992, is one of the largest and most prominent professional associations in the field of public policy in Korea. Its 5,000 plus members include scholars, practitioners, institutions and students. With such a diverse membership in both academy and profession, KAPS has played an essential role for meeting a wider range of intellectual needs in society as well as facilitating professional interactions through linking theory with practice in public policy. Research and studies conducted by KAPS provides the members with valuable policy-related information (e.g., analysis, evaluation etc.), thus, increasing a better understanding of various policy issues in Korea and ultimately suggesting more desirable policy directions. In addition, one of the major activities of KAPS is to provide substantive knowledge about contemporary or emerging policy problems to potential users like government officials. It also supports forums or small study groups on developing policy-related human resources. KAPS publishes the Korean Policy Studies Review (in Korean), one of the premier journals in the field, quarterly and the International Journal of Policy Studies (in English) biannually. It also publishes both on-line and off-line newsletters and holds four conferences per year with one conference being an international one.

Call for proposals

In the collaborative, multi-disciplinary and multi-method spirit of PMRA, IRSPM and KAPS, and to reflect the conference theme of When Policy Meets Administration: Eastern and Western Voices, the program committee for this third international public management research conference welcomes both proposals that feature high quality qualitative or quantitative empirical research, and innovative conceptual proposals without qualitative or quantitative empirical components. More specifically for the second option, the committee welcomes conceptual pieces that develop a theory or theoretical framework that provides insight into a compelling research question or subject of study in public management.

Empirical papers will be evaluated based on the significance and quality of the (1) research
question, (2) research design, (3) methods, and (4) data and findings. Conceptual papers should (1) identify foundational assumptions and key concepts, (2) develop an internally consistent logic
or model of causation, and (3) provide novel insights to drive forward the development of
public management theory and practice. The program committee welcomes proposals for
either empirical or conceptual papers that focus on new areas of research or evaluations of
existing streams of research. Proposals from individuals at all stages of their careers are
All paper proposals should be no more than one page, single-spaced, and should include the following information:

(1) Author(s) name, title, and institutional affiliation;
(2) Contact details of first named author;
(3) Paper title; and
(4) The full paper proposal.

Panel proposals (which may be up to three pages) are welcome and should include the Chair’s name, title, institutional affiliation and contact details as well as the same information on panel members along with the theme of the panel and a short description of the panel papers.

A person may submit no more than two proposals (including both single-authored and co-authored papers). Individuals will be limited to two acceptances (at least one of which must be multi-authored) and only one opportunity to present research at the conference.

Seoul National University will provide a Welcoming Reception on the evening of June 29th, lunches on June 30th and July 1st, and a dinner on June 30th. The Conference hotel is on the campus of Seoul National University, with back-up lodging at nearby hotels. The conference registration fee is 200 USD (50 USD for students).

Proposals should be submitted to as either a PDF or Word attachment no later than December 20, 2013. Review of proposals will finished by February 20th, 2014. If a proposal is accepted, the presenter must register for the conference in order to participate. Requests to be panel chairs also may be submitted to Include information about your title, institutional affiliation, and general research interests.

Any questions regarding the conference may be sent to Dr. Tobin Im ( For questions about proposal submissions please approach Richard M. Walker (, co-chair of the Program committee.

2014 Conference Program Committee
Tobin Im, Co-chair for Conference Administrative Arrangements, Seoul National University, South Korea
Richard Walker, Co-Chair for Program, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Fran Berry, Florida State University, USA
Tae Hyun Choi, Seoul National University, South Korea
Jun Yi Hsieh, Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan
Yijia Jing, Fudan University, China
Chris Koliba, University of Vermont, USA
Greg Porumbescu, Florida International University, USA

PMRA Secretariat