CFP: “PA and the Disciplines”

Public Administration Review (PAR) is seeking articles from scholars outside of public administration on topics of importance to Public Administration. This feature of PAR, called

“Public Administration and the Disciplines” acknowledges the partnership that exists between PA and other disciplines, and seeks to facilitate strong intellectual exchanges across field boundaries, in both directions, that will advance the theory and practice of public administration. Writers of “PA and the Disciplines” essays usually will emphasize
developments in their fields that might contribute to advancing knowledge about public administration and, conversely, how current scholarship in public administration might advance knowledge in other fields. Articles are expected to reflect cutting-edge developments, show why these developments are important for PA, and also show why public administration scholars’
attention to a wide variety of theories may improve research validity. Proposals and submissions should be sent to Public Administration and the Disciplines Editor Rosemary O’Leary (