CFP: Global Policy and Transnational Administration

Special Issue call for papers – Global Policy and Transnational

Public policy studies have been bound by the Westphalian concept of
sovereignty. Yet, increasingly at the transnational level there have been a
proliferation of administrative practices and processes of policy-making
and policy delivery beyond but often overlapping with traditional
nation-state policy processes. New formal and informal institutions at the
international level (i.e. transnational public administration) are behind
these policy processes often in cooperation with national public
administrations but sometimes quite independently from them.

Examples include practices such as the OECD’s standard setting and ‘best
practice’ to the World Bank’s ‘global programs. There are many other
‘multi-stakeholder initiatives’, ‘global public-private partnerships’ and
‘Global Commissions’. While policy norms and agendas may have global
resonance, nevertheless the pattern of policy action can vary considerably.
Implementation may occur at national or local levels in different countries
more or less contemporaneously, or also in problem contexts that are
cross-border and co-jurisdictional, hence our use of the term
‘transnational administration’.

These developments represent a challenge to traditional policy and public
administration studies which have tended to undertake analysis of the
capacity of public sector hierarchies to globalise national policies rather
than to ask if there is transnational policy-making above and beyond the
state. There is little conceptualisation of global public policy – policy
that is either co-authored by states, in coalition with other actors such
as in ‘global public private partnerships’ or ‘private’ global policy and
of transnational public administration. This special edition calls for
papers that interrogate the idea of ‘global policy processes’ and the
emergence of various modalities of ‘transnational administration’.

Guest Editors:
Professor Diane Stone, Murdoch University (and University of Warwick).

Dr Stella Ladi, Queen Mary, University of London. Email:

We look forward to receiving submissions of papers via he Public
AdministrationManuscript Central pages
by 1st June 2014.

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