CFP: 2014 TAD Workshop on “Metrics and methods in collaborative settings”

Call for abstracts

5-7 June 2014
Università della Svizzera Italiana,
Lugano, Switzerland

Workshop 1 – Metrics and methods in collaborative settings

Co-Chairs: Ileana Steccolini (Bocconi University) and Patria de Lancer Julnes (University of Baltimore)

In recent decades we have witnessed the emergence of a performance measurement movement, accompanied by “NPM – style” reforms in Europe and “reinventing government” reforms in the US, that have infused in the public sector logics of quantification, rationality, competition and managerialisation.

However, the performance measurement movement has often fallen short of expectations as its underlying logics often appear to be at odds with the political and professional ones. Moreover, it is currently challenged by the increased hybridisation in the provision of public services on the one hand and the crisis of modern democratic representation processes on the other. Indeed, public services are increasingly delivered by a diverse and complex bundle of players including public-private partnerships, nongovernmental organizations, and emerging forms of co-production. This requires to better specify who is accountable, for what, and to whom, as well as to investigate who uses performance mesures and for what purposes. Similarly the evolution that modern democracies are undergoing, calling for new forms of representation, poses new challenges for current performance-based accountability systems.

In this context, this workshop welcomes papers that address questions such as: What is the role of metrics and measurement in ensuring accountability and democratic representation? How are professional and political ethos being embodied in performance measurement systems? What is the role of metrics and measurement in ensuring accountability in hybrid settings? How are hybrid forms of provision of public services affecting the development of metrics in the public sector?

Abstracts should be submitted via the TAD website:
by February 3, 2014.

Ileana Steccolini
Associate Professor, Department of Policy Analysis and Public Management
Bocconi University
Via Roentgen, 1
20136 Milan
ph. +390258362087