The WILCO project

I recently discovered the WILCO project by Taco Brandsen of Nijmegen. I think this is a really neat way of telling a story about a large, complex research project. I’d love to hear of similar examples.

The WILCO project examined social innovation in European cities and its relationship with urban governance. Although the emerging social problems are broadly similar across cities, local responses differ strongly. Four different types of urban innovation regimes were identified.

The results are accessible in various ways:

– Three 15-minute, high-quality documentaries giving an impression of our results ( Parts 1, 2 and 3 focus respectively on problems of social vulnerability; innovations that arise in response to these problems; and the different innovation regimes.

– City packages show, for twenty European cities, the interaction between social problems, local welfare policies and politics, and emerging social innovations. See

– A user-friendly e-book giving details of the 77 social innovations we studied, available on