Exploring IRS data

TRAC releases new tools:

TRAC’s tools let you explore newly released data from the IRS about the number of tax returns and the reported incomes in each of more than 3,000 counties in the United States. Tax data from 1991 through 2012 show, for example, that in the most recent year the adjusted gross income (AGI) for New York County (Manhattan) was highest in the nation at $159,410, rising 69 percent from what it was in 2010.
Audit information from 1992 through 2013 is available for corporations of all sizes, from those with assets of $250,000 or less to those with assets of $250 million or more. Information on individual audits for the same time period show audit statistics for taxpayers with a total positive income (TPI) of $200,000 or less to those with a TPI of $1 million or more.

Criminal enforcement data include the latest figures from the Department of Justice about cases referred by the IRS from FY 1992 through January 2014. Listings, maps and district ranking tables are presented on both a national basis and for each of the 90-plus federal judicial districts. Also included is an updated list of the IRS’s most frequently cited statutes in the U.S. Code that eventually led to formal charges or convictions.