RFP: Development of Government Conference – Manchester 2-3 Nov 2015

In the mail:

Dear colleagues,

This is a short preliminary notice of a Conference to be held in Manchester (UK) on 2nd and 3rd Nov 2015 (yes, next year).

The Conference is in part a celebration of the centenary of the late Sammy Finer, Professor of Government at Manchester and author of the monumental 3-volume “The History of Government”.

Key-note speakers at the conference will include Francis Fukuyama (‘The Origins of Political Order), Mariana Mazzucato (‘The Entrepreneurial State’) and Bo Rothstein (‘Good Government’). It will discuss all aspects of ‘the development of government’, historical and contemporary, including what is ‘good government’, how has government evolved, where is government going in different parts of the world, etc.

The Conference will take place during ‘Manchester Policy Week’ (2-6th Nov 2015) and there will be other events taking place alongside and after the Conference if you want to stay on.

A Call for Papers and Conference outline will be issued later this year, but we wanted to get these dates into people’s diaries as early as possible.

If you think you are likely to want to come, please just drop me an email (no commitment) so we can get a guestimate of how many to plan for.

Please forward this information to colleagues who might be interested.

Best wishes


Colin R. Talbot
Professor of Government | Director of Policy@Manchester | University of Manchester
+44 (0)7971 674 620
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