CFP: Cognition and Strategy

Call for Papers

Cognition and Strategy

Advances in Strategic Management, Volume 32

Volume Editors:
Giovanni Gavetti and William Ocasio

Submission Deadline extended to July 25, 2014

Recently, the focus on the “cognitive foundations” of strategy has increased significantly. For more than a decade, empirical studies seeking to document the relevance of cognition to strategic outcomes and of theoretical work seeking to systematize this relationship have rapidly proliferated. They have done so under such headings as “The psychological foundations of strategy,” “Microfoundations of strategic management,” “Behavioral theory of strategy,” “Behavioral strategy,” “The attention-based view,” and constructs like “cognitive community,” “cognitive representation,” “framing,” “sensemaking,” “categories,” “logics,” and others. As is typical of a pre-paradigmatic phase, polysemy and terminological variety are still the norm.

We believe this state of affairs represents a problem and an opportunity. The problem is that although this fragmentation enables the complex mapping between cognition and strategic processes and outcomes to be explored broadly, it can hinder cumulative progress. The corresponding opportunity is that a proper systematization can generate cumulative progress at a time of diminishing returns from exploration.

This AiSM volume has two goals. First it intends to attract a representative sample of the most significant empirical and theoretical developments in the field of cognition and strategy. Second, it intends to take stock of these developments by proposing a preliminary synthesis.

Potential research topics may include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Cognitive representations, their role and choice in strategy development
• How cognition shapes competitive strategy and markets
• Cognitive underpinnings of routines and capabilities
• Attention, particularly its role in strategic processes, practices, and adaptation
• Categorization effects on markets, competition, and firm behavior
• The interplay between cognition and incentives in strategy
• Cross-level perspectives on how cognition shapes strategy
• Role of emotions in moderating cognitive effects on strategy

We seek contributions that analyze cognitive structures and processes at multiple levels, including individuals, groups and teams, business and corporate-level, markets and industries, communities and institutional fields. We further seek contributions that link the study of cognition to established areas of strategy research. These include, but are not limited to competitive strategy, corporate strategy, strategy processes, strategy practices, multi-national strategy, technological strategy, and entrepreneurial strategy.


Submissions are due no later than July 25, 2014. All papers submitted must represent original research not previously published elsewhere. All submissions will be subject to in-depth review, and editorial decisions and revision requests will be communicated to authors by September 15, 2014. Authors going forward to the second round will be invited to present their revised paper at a conference in fall 2014 (exact date and location TBD). The targeted publication date for the volume is April 2015.

To submit a paper, or to ask questions about the content of this AiSM volume or the editorial process, please contact the volume editors, Giovanni Gavetti ( and William Ocasio ( or the AiSM series editor, Brian Silverman (

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