CFA: Accountability in the Health Care Sector – Beyond the ‘Blame Game’

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Dear Colleagues,

we are pleased to invite submissions to the call for abstracts for the XIX IRSPM Conference Panel E.102:

Accountability in the Health Care Sector – Beyond the ‘Blame Game’

Chairs / Affiliations
Birgit Grüb, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Institute of Management Accounting
Christopher Klinger, University of Ottawa, Department of Medicine, Division of Palliative Care
Sebastian Martin, University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Health and Social Management

Panel themes

Changing relationships among the public, private and not-for-profit sectors alongside financial constraints often lead to a call for governments to be more ‘strategic’ in their approach to health care and to ensure greater ‘accountability’ toward system performance and ‘transparency’ in public reporting. Within the complex health care system, ‘accountability’ covers multiple ‘domains’ from political, financial and managerial to professional and ‘concepts’ from loci to procedures and evaluation. ‘Models’ of ‘accountability’ reach from the political to the economic and professional and ‘mechanisms’ from public reporting to citizen engagement and ‘governance’. Furthermore, ethics require health care funders, provider organizations and professionals to work as co-fiduciaries to promote and protect the health-related interests of the population.
In line with the overall theme of the conference to shape the future and showcasing IRSPM’s new Special Interest Group on Healthcare Management (SIG HM), this traditional panel will explore the implications for public management and move beyond the ‘blame game’ by promoting ‘accountability’-enhancing strategies such as assuring compliance with procedures and standards, and the identification of connections among individual improvement interventions.

Proposals toward case studies or other empirical work on ‘accountability’ in the local, regional, national and international context are welcomed. What is the role of ‘governance’? How can ‘accountability’ and ‘transparency’ be effective measured? Quality indicators – the ‘good’, the ‘bad’ and the ‘ugly’. What (and where) are potential innovative approaches to ‘accountability’ within the health care field?

Panel Format:

This panel on accountability in the health care sector is geared toward a broad audience base, encouraging scholarly discourse, showcasing of international management technologies and collaborative generation of solutions. A traditional panel approach of paper presentations with a discussant is envisioned to showcase current case studies and to generate high quality, lively and critical dialogue. Furthermore, one of the Co-Chairs brings a practitioner perspective from performance measurement and accountability management in the end-of-life care realm.

Submission of the Abstract on

Closing date for paper proposals is October 15th.

Kind regards
Birgit Grüb