CFA: The American Political Science Association Pracademic Fellowship

The American Political Science Association announces the inauguration of a new Pracademic Fellowship for faculty members for the academic year 2015-16.

About the program

Over the past several decades, there have been limited opportunities for faculty members in public management, public policy, and related fields to move between the academy and the world of practitioners. This program is designed to create opportunities for newer faculty members to recreate the historical experience of joining theory and practice. Read more about the Pracademic Fellowship here.

The inaugural year of the program will place selected individuals in federal government agencies in the Washington, DC area. They would be assigned to work closely with a decision-maker involved in a program of their interest to get a first-hand vantage point of a decision making environment.

The inaugural fellows will be closely involved in crafting subsequent fellowships through regular feedback with APSA on their experiences. As such, inaugural fellows will have the opportunity to grow their own experience and help shape the direction of the program for future participants.

About the 2015-2016 Fellowship

The fellowship will be available for either one semester or a full year. Faculty members from a range of departments and fields are eligible for the program, for example faculty in political science departments, public administration, public management, public policy, federalism/IGR and related fields. Participants in the program are expected to be midcareer, likely at the associate professor level. Fellowship funding is expected to come from a variety of sources — sponsoring agencies, an APSA program, and, potentially, sending institutions. Specific arrangements will be tailored to the individual candidates.

Applications for the program are due December l5 and should include the following:

· A curriculum vitae
· A two page statement that includes information about how this experience would contribute to an individual’s teaching and research.
· An explanation of the relationship between the individual’s research and the proposed experience.
· Any initial conversations with a host organization or host individual.

Please email application packages to For more information on the program or for any enquiries, please contact Betsy Super at