Little progress on federal digital engagement

Says a new NAPA study:

One-third of senior federal employees don’t know if their stakeholders are satisfied with the way their agency engages them digitally, and 35 percent don’t think that their agency knows either, according to a report by ICF International, commissioned by the National Academy of Public Administration.

The responses come from more than 500 randomly selected senior federal civil servants (GS-13 and above) who responded to the survey via email.

Sixty-five percent of respondents don’t know if their agency has a documented digital strategy that is currently being implemented, says the Jan. 13 report. But even among those who do influence information technology procurement only 53 percent were aware of their agency’s digital strategy.

In the area of IT investments, many senior federal employees were in the dark. Sixty-six percent do not know if their agency is satisfied with the return on investment to date in digital technology, write report authors, and 56 percent are not aware whether their agency measures it.