The downside of high performance?

In Govexec:

The number of senior executives receiving the nation’s highest award for civil service has continued to shrink over the past few years — and so does the publicity from the White House touting the winners.

There’s a perception among some senior executives and the association representing them that the Obama White House has pressured federal agencies to avoid drawing attention to the annual winners of the Presidential Rank Awards — and the hefty bonuses they receive — because of the sensitive fiscal and political climate.

“There’s a concern that [the administration] might — this is my impression — that they would be in a position of having to defend why these people received such an enormous [amount] of money,” said Carol Bonosaro, president of the Senior Executives Association, during a recent interview with Government Executive.

And that bonus?

Distinguished Rank honorees receive a monetary award equivalent to 35 percent of their annual basic pay, and Meritorious Rank recipients receive 20 percent of their rate of annual basic pay.