“Open data” as a key principle of government?

It was very clear when I got here in 2011 that there was tremendous untapped potential in open government and in open data. Since then, open data has really become one of the key principles of government, and is now being adopted all around the world. Data.gov now hosts 130,000 datasets from 80 different agencies along with the states, counties and some cities.

We’re unleashing the power of open data to drive economic growth and improvement in society in key areas like health care, transportation, the environment, disaster recovery. Broader than that, we’re developing software in the open. We are ensuring reuse, and building a stronger community of developers and designers as a result of that open source community.

That shift, to meet the changing expectations of citizens for transparency, accountability, and engagement, is now operationalized in a whole fleet of shared services and solutions, and they’re based in policy.

Kathy Conrad in FCW.