More thoughts on the DA-RT

Debate continues in political science on the DA-RT. I recently offered a few random thoughts on the debate; here are a few more.

  • The Journal of Applied Psychology requires that “all data in their published articles be an original use”. Specifically, “Any previous, concurrent, or near future use of data reported in a submitted manuscript must be brought to the editorial team’s attention (i.e., any paper(s) previously published, in press, or currently under review, as well as any paper(s) that foreseeably will be under review before an editorial decision is made on the current submitted manuscript)”. If it’s not original, it’s not eligible for publication in the JAP. Does DA-RT equate to importance?
  • How should proprietary data be handled? Is it a violation of TOS for one to post data obtained from ICPSR (where people associated with member institutions are given access to the data)? It certainly violates the TOS to repost data from TRAC. The Swedish twins data can’t be accessed outside Sweden and only by certified Swedish researchers; such issues are often present in the case of data with biometric measures. The trick, of course, in circumventing DA-RT (even if there is a clause for proprietary data) is to only analyze proprietary data.

As with the implementation of most good ideas, the devil is in the details.