Roundtable on public management and the state

Governance recently published a nice roundtable on public management and the state:

The following roundtable has just been published by Governance. It has been prepared for a panel discussion at the research conference of the Public Management Research Association at Aarhus University in June 2016.

Download here:


This set of eight short commentaries were prepared for a roundtable held at the research conference of the Public Management Research Association at the University of Aarhus in June 2016. The question posed to all of the participants in this panel was whether the domain of research known as public management is neglecting the state. The question arises because of concerns about the limitations of contemporary public management research. The contributors to this roundtable generally agree on the need for a reconsideration of the aims and methods of public management research, although they do not all agree that a new focus on the state is the best way to redefine the domain. As it stands today, these contributors suggest, public management appears to neglect big questions about the structure of political power, the emergence and evolution of public institutions, and the fostering of public support for the exercise of authority. Developed mainly within a small set of wealthy and consolidated democracies, public management research may be premised on assumptions about state sovereignty, capabilities, and legitimacy that are not tenable in most other countries—and are perhaps increasingly untenable in the advanced democracies as well

CONTRIBUTORS: Brint Milward, Laura Jensen, Alasdair Roberts, Mauricio Dussauge-Laguna, Veronica Junjan, René Torenvlied, Arjen Boin, H.K. Colebatch, Donald Kettl and Robert Durant.

Image courtesy US Marines.

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