New data collections at ICPSR


34599 Preventing Revictimization in Teen Dating Relationships,
2010-2013, Denver, Colorado

34920 Start Strong Evaluation Student Survey Data, 2010-2012

36407 Monitoring the Future: A Continuing Study of American Youth (8th-
and 10th-Grade Surveys), 2015

36408 Monitoring the Future: A Continuing Study of American Youth
(12th-Grade Survey), 2015

36472 Language Development of Non-verbal Children Age 3 Years through 7
Years, 2007 to 2012 [Kansas City Metro Area]

36515 Requests for Assistance with Adaptive Switches from Individuals
with Severe Communication Impairments, 2007 to 2012 [California, Kansas,
and Washington]

36516 Young Children with Physical Disabilities, 2007 to 2012 [Seattle,

36525 Current Population Survey: Annual Social and Economic (ASEC)
Supplement Survey, 2015

36568 Monitoring of Federal Criminal Sentences, 2014

36578 Hispanic Established Populations for the Epidemiologic Study of
the Elderly (HEPESE) Wave 8, 2012-2013 [Arizona, California, Colorado, New
Mexico, and Texas]

36584 Job Satisfaction in the House of Representatives, 1999

36585 Survey of State Legislators Relationship with their Districts, 2008

36603 U.S. County-Level Natality and Mortality Data, 1915-2007

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