Immigration court backlog data


The latest Immigration Court data show the growth in the court’s crushing backlog of cases continued through the first month of FY 2017. During the month of October, the court’s backlog rose by 5,645 cases, and reached 521,676. In California, the backlog rose to a total of 95,801 cases as of October 31, 2016 – the largest backlog among states in the country.

Texas was second with a backlog that rose to 93,042. New York was third with a backlog that increased to 71,450 cases. New Jersey was the only state among the top ten that had its backlog inch down during October, although that state’s average wait time of 803 days continued to lengthen.

In terms of wait times, Colorado led the nation. In that state pending cases had been waiting an average of 1,008 days. Because wait times do not include how many more days must pass before a hearing is scheduled before an immigration judge, total effective wait times before these cases are actually decided will be much longer than even these averages reflect.

From TRAC.

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