How hard is it to deport 3 million people?

Let’s assume it takes 10 hours of total personnel time to deport each person. That’s 30 million total hours. Feds work 40 hour workweeks, so that translates to 750,000 workweeks – or, given 3 weeks of vacation and other holidays, about 15,306 work years. 

There are currently about 15,000 ICE employees, so I guess it would work – as long as we can trust all those people entering the country to check themselves in and out. 

Assume the point of this stunt, though, is to do it immediately. What does that mean? Assume it means within a month. If so, that, would require repositioning 187,500 employees. 

Maybe the plan is to hire temps?  Like Amazon does at Christmas? Ignoring the fact they would need to be vetted, I guess it’s feasible. 

Except that the incoming Administration has promised to freeze and then shrink federal employment.