Attention rivalry among leaders

Say you’re the president and you must appoint people to run all of the government’s agencies. Suppose your personality type leans toward the glam and the glitz – that you like being in the spotlight. Since that’s your type, maybe that’s what you respect in other leaders, too.  

You get your wish and appoint a bunch of similar people to all of the government’s agencies. Of course, unless you are a master of surveillance, you really don’t know what they’re doing once they’ve taken up the positions. 

But you could predict that they also like being in the spotlight. In DC, that means saying notable things to gain attention in the press. How long is it until one or more say things that are either antithetical to the Administration agenda or downright embarrassing?

My bet: not long. Presidential administration isn’t like running the WWE, where every eye-catching quote is scripted. It’s more like herding tigers. The best way to do so is to remove their fangs.