A useful tool for project management

It’s hard to manage complex research projects – especially if those involving multiple collaborators. It’s even hard managing solo projects if only because most of us have multiple ongoing obligations. 

I’ve used Slack for a while now for managing my projects. It’s mostly known in the coding world for those running Agile design and production strategies but it can be useful for any sort of project, including keeping track of ideas for classes.

I use the channels feature to create a private channel for each project. Some are for me alone; others are shared with collaborators. It’s like a stream of ideas, links, duties, and other ephemera that persists – unlike the stuff that goes to die in my email. 

I also use Hangouts or Evernote when they’re useful. But Hangouts is really one channel per collaborator so projects are mixed. And Evernote seems more useful as a notebook or wiki. Both have purposes but neither duplicates Slack. 

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