Data for dissertations

36874 Eurobarometer 86.1: Parlemeter 2016, Future of Europe, Media Pluralism and Democracy

36952 Millennium Cohort Study

36107 Lone Wolf Terrorism in America: Using Knowledge of Radicalization Pathways to Forge Prevention Strategies, 1940-2013

36639 Multi-site Family Study on Incarceration, Parenting and Partnering, 2008-2014 [5 States]

36650 Afrobarometer Round 6: The Quality of Democracy and Governance in Botswana, 2014

36797 General Social Survey, 1972-2016 [Cumulative File]

36815 Newly Licensed Registered Nurse Survey, 2013

36816 Newly Licensed Registered Nurse Survey, 2015

36833 Community College Civic Outcomes Survey, Spring 2015

36955 State of Michigan: Taking Action on Flint Water Test Results, 2015-2017

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