New data from ICPSR

36760 Annual Survey of Jails, 2015

36800 Research on Pathways to Desistance [Maricopa County, AZ and Philadelphia County, PA]: Subject Measures – Scales, 2000-2010

36825 Child Care and Development Fund Administrative Data, Federal Fiscal Year 2014

36842 Health Reform Monitoring Survey, Third Quarter 2016

Policy Design and Practice

I’ve joined the Scientific Board of Policy Design and Practice, a new journal from Taylor & Francis that will begin publication in 2018. The journal is sponsored by the Asian Development Bank and the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy of the National University of Singapore. Michael Howlett and M Ramesh will co-edit the journal. I’ll post more information along the way about the journal.

Optimal co-authoring?

I was recently reminded of a study by sociologist Brian Uzzi about the success factors behind Broadway musicals. One factor behind failure was when the production lacked new insights because the entire team had worked together on repeated projects. Another factor who was when none of the team’s members had worked together before. 

I wonder if this says something about optimal co-authoring. Maybe the best co-authoring opportunities are those that include new team members, but that also include team members from past projects. The upshot of this is maybe you need new blood and old blood for a project to truly succeed.

The corollary to this is that most new co-authoring opportunities will fail – or maybe that they won’t feel, at least at the beginning, like successes.

2017 IPSA Levine Prize for the best book in comparative administration and public policy

Above Politics: Bureaucratic Discretion and Credible Commitment, written with Gary J. Miller of Washington University in St. Louis, will receive the 2017 Levine Prize for the best book in comparative administration and public policy. This is an annual award made by the Research Committee 27 of the International Political Science Association. Gary and I published this book in 2016 in the Political Economy of Institutions and Decisions series of Cambridge University Press.

CFP: Strategic Management Education: Navigating Between Different Approaches and Learning Impacts

Academy of Management Learning & Education

Call for Papers

Strategic Management Education:

Navigating Between Different Approaches and Learning Impacts

*Special Issue*


*We anticipate publishing the special issue in September 2018*

*Guest Editors: **Greg Bell, University of Dallas*

*Igor Filatotchev, City University of London and WU, Vienna*

*Ryan Krause, Texas Christian University*

*Advisory Editor:*

*Michael Hitt, Texas A&M University*

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Data for students struggling to find a dissertation topic

33462 The Role and Impact of Forensic Evidence on the Criminal Justice System, 2004-2008 [United States]

33742 Coroner Investigations of Suspicious Elder Deaths; 2008-2011 [California]

34939 How Justice Systems Realign in California: The Policies and Systemic Effects of Prison Downsizing, 1978-2013

35205 Forensic Evidence and Criminal Justice Outcomes in Sexual Assault Cases in Massachusetts, 2008-2012

35217 Street Stops and Police Legitimacy: Accountability and Legal Socialization in Everyday Policing of Young Adults in New York City, 2011-2013

35487 Ethnic Albanian Organized Crime in New York City, 1975-2014

36675 Afrobarometer Round 6: The Quality of Democracy and Governance in Cameroon, 2014-2015

36697 Law Enforcement Agency Roster (LEAR), 2016

36745 Flint Community Schools GIS Data, 2016 [Flint, Michigan]

36769 Substance Use Among Violently Injured Youth in an Urban Emergency Department: Services and Outcomes in Flint, Michigan, 2009-2013 (Public-Use)