Data for students struggling to find a dissertation topic

33462 The Role and Impact of Forensic Evidence on the Criminal Justice System, 2004-2008 [United States]

33742 Coroner Investigations of Suspicious Elder Deaths; 2008-2011 [California]

34939 How Justice Systems Realign in California: The Policies and Systemic Effects of Prison Downsizing, 1978-2013

35205 Forensic Evidence and Criminal Justice Outcomes in Sexual Assault Cases in Massachusetts, 2008-2012

35217 Street Stops and Police Legitimacy: Accountability and Legal Socialization in Everyday Policing of Young Adults in New York City, 2011-2013

35487 Ethnic Albanian Organized Crime in New York City, 1975-2014

36675 Afrobarometer Round 6: The Quality of Democracy and Governance in Cameroon, 2014-2015

36697 Law Enforcement Agency Roster (LEAR), 2016

36745 Flint Community Schools GIS Data, 2016 [Flint, Michigan]

36769 Substance Use Among Violently Injured Youth in an Urban Emergency Department: Services and Outcomes in Flint, Michigan, 2009-2013 (Public-Use)

New ICPSR datasets

35476 California Families Project [Sacramento and Woodland, California]
[Restricted-Use Files]

36531 An Analysis of the Effects of an Academic Summer Program for
Middle School Students, 2012

36612 Los Angeles Metropolitan Area Surveys [LAMAS] 2, 1970

36687 Afrobarometer Round 6: The Quality of Democracy and Governance in
Ghana, 2014

36722 National Survey of Midlife Development in the United States (MIDUS
Refresher): Milwaukee African American Sample, 2012-2013

36738 Sit Together and Read in Early Childhood Special Education
Classrooms in Ohio (2008-2012)

SPAR Book of the Year Award for 2016

Just received word that my book Above Politics: Bureaucratic Discretion and Credible Commitment, written with Gary J. Miller of Washington University in St. Louis and published by Cambridge University Press’s Political Economy of Institutions and Decisions Series, has won the 2016 Book of the Year Award of the Section of Public Administration Research (SPAR) of the American Society of Public Administration.