Organization theory symposia in public management?

A quick bleg based on a trend I’m noticing these days. I’m seeing CFPs for OB topics in public management on a regular basis. Have any journals hosted symposia for organization theory papers recently? And when I say OT I’m thinking true theory development papers – not statistical models, experiments, etc. 

I’m sure they’re out there. Comments are closed but please feel free to educate me via Twitter at @abwhitford. 

3 reasons dissertations should use mixed methods

  1. Researchers who include interviews or other types of fieldwork in their dissertation projects are more likely to discover hidden or novel quantitative datasets. Researchers with quantitative skills are more likely to be extract useful information from those sorts of datasets.
  2. Getting hired requires satisfying diverse constituencies. It’s good to have many ways to talk with the people you meet during interviews. Some of those constituencies will probably value fieldwork.
  3. The dissertation is like a rehearsal – it’s an opportunity to rehearse, in a large-scale project, all of those methods you learned in class. Why emphasize only a subset?

Are there other, less-particularistic reasons? Comments are closed but feel free to respond to me on Twitter at @abwhitford.

Which conferences will improve the most?

The universe of public administration conferences is changing. More conferences held in new and exciting locations seem to be announced daily. Which conferences will (or could) improve the most?

This is a tough question to answer. PMRA is known entity by now. Internationalization will change the conference; I don’t know by how much or in what ways. ASPA probably won’t change much. There’s too much inertia there. 

I like AOM but the requirement to submit a full and complete paper so far in advance is inconvenient for many faculty. NASPAA, of course, has a limited focus. 

IRSPM has improved but still has a regional focus. Likewise, EGPA has never become a big target, and the timing often conflicts with APSA, which has its own issues. 

Which ones have the greatest prospects? Comments are closed here, but feel free to let me know your thoughts on Twitter at @abwhitford.