Staff/Manager Alignment Scores

From the IBM Endowment for the Business of Government:

The “Staff/Manager Alignment” guide is new report produced by the Partnership for Public Service with support from the IBM Center. Managers play an important role in an organization; they implement policies from senior leadership and also carry concerns up the chain from staff to decision-makers. If managers and staff don’t see eye-to-eye on the key issues, then managers may be unable or unwilling to properly acknowledge and share staff concerns to leadership. Executives may be left unaware of what’s happening on the front lines, issuing policies that risk failure because they aren’t fully informed. Executives may also miss opportunities to improve the workplace, if they aren’t aware of challenges facing their staff.

But the point is to build scores for assessing opportunities for improvement:

The Staff/Manager Alignment Score helps decision-makers and action planners at a particular agency to determine whether staff and manager views wildly diverge compared to other agencies across government, or whether the workforce agrees on the agency’s strengths and challenges. A closer examination of the gaps between staff and manager views on each the questions that comprise the score can help decision-makers and action planners to identify and address potential hot-button issues for the workforce.

This is an interesting approach, although I’m not sure of the scores’ usefulness. Anyone out there have experience with the scores, how they’re constructed, or their value in practical settings?